Sizzix is having a Tim Holtz sale up to 60% from 5/17 – 5/19.

Who LOVES Tim Hotz products? ME, I just can’t get enough of his products, if I could afford everything that he sells, I would have it ALL!

Here is the link for this great sale:



12 x 18 Tulip

picture of tulips


Tulips for Mother’s Day is a MUST!, so my son, who is attending school to be a photographer, took a picture of some tulips to put on my computer as wallpaper.  I love this picture! so I told him that he needs to put it on his website

( to sell, because it’s a beautiful picture, who wouldn’t want a picture of tulips.

The sizes that are available in:

12 x 18 = $24.99

16 x 24 = $43.99

20 x 30 = $55.99

24 x 36 = $71.99

For more information please contact me.  Thank You.

Image 5-10-19 at 3.14 PM

Easter Mix Media!

This Easter I did a-lot of project including this mix media a Cross.  My idea was to first do a small version of the the Cross in my mix media book, then do a larger version on canvas, but this is all that was completed so far.  Trying to venture out into new and different types of art such a mix media, wood, paint, water-coloring.  I am inspired by Marta of Maremi-small-art on facebook and instagram and also on Youtube.