Started the Margarete Miller Collage Challenge for 2022 volume #2. This is a weekly challenge for the year, with 6 prompts. This challenge will test your imagination and creativity to make you go beyond your boundaries, and I am having so much fun creating these collages. All information in regards to all Margarete’s challenges can be found on her youtube channell or Etsy store. Enjoy!

2022 Collage Challenge

Starting a new collage challenge of the year which is being hosted by 2 YouTube crafters: Art and Junk Journal with Julie and Leigh’s Art Studio. This challenge is done on a Wednesday once a month, and there are over 11+ crafters participating in this challenge and anyone can join and participate in the challenge.

Here is my first video of the challenge, and Enjoy!

Junk Journal January!

In today’s video, I am doing prompt #24/Junk Mail and using an envelope that I received. I am going to cover the envelope with paper scraps that I’ve collected in different sizes and shapes. Please enjoy the video and comment on what videos you would like to see. Thank You and Have a Blessed Day!