Have you been… limiting yourself? Maybe getting in the way of what heaven has for you due to doubt, fear, or feeling you’re just too flawed? Though you’re not alone, you were made to believe and live bigger. God is awakening something magnificent within you. Whispering truths about who you are, why you matter, and what you are here to do. In 100 Days of Believing Bigger – Devotional Journal, Marshawn will walk you through 100 days divided into 10 sections covering:Trust, Purpose, Identity, Disruption, Belief + Faith, Blessing Blockers, Stillness, Blessings + Obedience, Significance, and Courage. Each daily devotion revolves around four pillars: Scripture, Reflection, Journal Prompts, Simple + Bold Prayers. Step out and take the next 100 days to uncover your true identity and unleash your faith like never before. A higher destiny, filled with possibility, is calling you.


Marshawn Evans Daniels - 100 Days of Believing Bigger - Devotional Journal and Prayers to Share Set
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