DaySpring Cards: Faith and Summer

Four Simple Ways to Combine Faith and Fun This Summer:

What comes to mind when we hear the word “summertime?” Relaxed, balmy evenings, or longer days and a bit of a slower pace? Maybe we think of lazy, hazy days with the family vacationing at the lake or beach. Sounds like fun, right? But how can we combine those fun summer pastimes with sharing our faith? I mean, we’re already enjoying the beauty of God’s amazing creation, so what can we do to share these amazing gifts from God with our family and friends…maybe even our neighbors? Here are four simple ways to combine faith and fun this summer to get you started.

#1: Enjoy the night air with family

How about grabbing an easy dessert to take outside after dark? Turn off all the electronic devices, take some towels or blankets to sit on, and enjoy watching the stars. That would be a great time to talk about our magnificent Milky Way Galaxy and how God’s beauty is shown throughout the galaxies. Sit quietly and listen to the crickets, or watch the fireflies flitting through the darkness. What a perfect time to talk to our children (or grandchildren) about the wonders of the universe that God spoke into existence! And while our hearts are quiet, we could let each person tell about their “best blessings” from the previous week, ending the day on a sweet, positive note.

Here is a Devotional book at a great price $12.99:

  • Soak up the sun and the inspiring words of this great devotional
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The Beach is Calling: 90 Devotions for Rest and Relaxation

Here is the link:

Happy Reading!

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