My Day At Work! EP.1

Episode “1”

“The Sleeping Applicant”

I try to arrive at work a good 20 to 30 minutes early to eat my breakfast in my car, because that’s going to set my day, so as usual in the morning the doors are open for business. I’ve done everything that needed to be done prior to the new hire that was to start at 1pm and printed all the necessary documentation that will be needed to be completed by the newbie.
So, the new hire arrives, Late, like 20 minutes late, and I am standing in the back waiting and I’m waiting, and I’m waiting, and I’m thinking where is this girl. I was getting ready to walk up to the front, and I stop for I see someone coming down the isle sucking a lollipop while shopping, and I ask her, are you the new hire that starts today, and she says “Yeah”.
I already know this is not going to be good. So I continue to show here into the room where she is to complete the new hire forms, and I will check in on her in 30 minutes. At this time I’m checking on my department and making sure there is no line and also helping the customers.
Now some time has gone by and I’m sitting in my office, and one of my co-workers comes running into my office and tells me:

Co-Worker: Hey the new hire is sleeping with the lollipop hanging out her mouth, reading a book, and texting on her phone.
Me: “What” sleeping, reading, what, I don’t have time for this, here is another new hire I’m gonna have to babysit
Co-Worker: I had to wake her 2 times, she’s going to be nothing be trouble, what are you going to do?

By this time 40 minutes have passed and I go into the room to check on her and see how for she got in completing the paperwork. I have to tell you that she didn’t get past 3 pages, so I stand there looking, LOOKING at her and I say;

Me: It’s almost 2pm and you have until 3pm to complete the paperwork, what where you doing this whole time?

New Hire: Um nothing, ready the filling out the papers.

Me: You have 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the paperwork, and you still need to go through the orientation and the walk thru.

New Hire: Ok

I leave the room and start looking for the Asst. manager to let him know the situation, and he’s like:

Asst. Manager: You are F–king kidding me.
Me: She is not going to be finished by the time I leave today, she’s going to have to finish on her next shift, which is tomorrow, and I’m off, you guys are gonna have to take care of it.

So……it was time for me to end my shift and she is no where and I mean NO WHERE close to being finishing the documentation, so I tell her that’s she has to complete the documents tomorrow and to make sure she sees the manager when she gets to work.

I leave and my day is done, The End.

Stay tuned for the next episode: Getting Caught Stealing”

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